Think about those times in your life when you have felt inspired to something really great. Where does that inspiration come from?
The Holy Spirit. God inspires us to do great things with our lives.
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Feeling Let Down After Easter Sunday?

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“Stop holding on to me.” (John 20:17) The past few Lents have been very meaningful to me. I’ve not only learned a lot about God, but also about myself. I hate to admit it, but this has resulted in me feeling a bit of a let-down after Easter Sunday. I should feel joyous, right? As St. John Paul II said, “We are an Easter people.” So why am I not feeling it?

An "AHA" Moment

As I reflected on Jesus telling Mary Magdalene “Stop holding on to me,” I had that “AHA”  moment. It was as though Jesus was speaking to ME, telling me to let Lent go and rejoice. Easter Sunday is an end, not only an end to death, but an end of Lent, of fasting, and, in my case, of doing something extra, sacrificing something to spend more time with the Lord. I feel a little lost trying not to fall back into my Pre-Lenten habits so I can focus on the ultimate goal.
Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble finding the joy: I was so wrapped up in everything I did for Lent that I was focusing on the fight (suffering) and not the prize (the Resurrection). I know I over-extended myself this Lent. (See this post.) I was caught up with my fear of being left out that I took on too much and lost focus of Easter Sunday.

Plenty of Time

But thankfully, it’s not too late. One of the great things about being Catholic is that, after sacrificing for 40 days, we rejoice in the Resurrection for 40 days. Easter isn’t just 1 day; we follow the apostles for 40 days during the Easter Season until the Ascension, then 10 more days until Pentecost. We travel with them as Jesus’ ministry becomes theirs. We watch and learn how our Catholic faith began. Exciting stuff, isn’t it?
It’s time to let go of Lent and rejoice in the Resurrection. It’s time to get excited about learning how Christianity- and Catholicism began. Easter Sunday is an end, but also a huge beginning.
Woman on a balcony with outstretched arms

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