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The Holy Spirit. God inspires us to do great things with our lives.
----Matthew Kelly

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Songs to Help Me Focus on Lent

Earbuds laying on a table with the words "What's on your Lenten Playlist" under the earbuds
photo credit: Fey Ilyas Listen via photopin (license)
I love music. I love to listen to it, I love to play beautiful songs on my flute. I know it's a beautiful song when it makes me cry; I guess I'm sentimental that way. Or maybe I just appreciate musicians who touch my heart. Anyway, I compiled a list of songs to help me focus on Lent. These are songs that I've come across that help me reflect on how sacred this season is.
Here is a sample of my playlist:

♪ Once and For All-Lauren Daigle (I listened to this during Adoration.)
♪ How Beautiful-Twila Paris (An oldie but a goodie. I listened to this in Adoration and ended up with tears streaming down my face as I gazed at Jesus on the crucifix with the Eucharist under him)
♪ Feet of Jesus-Steven Curtis Chapman
♪ Remember-Laura Story
♪ Wounded Healer-Audrey Assad (She has so many beautiful songs that are so appropriate for Lent)
♪ Desert Soul-Rend Collective (This is a band from Northern Ireland. I just recently discovered this song.)
I made a Spotify playlist instead of listing all 50+ songs. Click on the picture below to be taken to it. Don't be confused by the username. 

What songs help you focus on Lent? Let me know in the comments what I need to add.


  1. This is awesome!! I love the idea of a playlist for music that helps us grow during Lent.
    Thanks so much for linking up to 40 Days of Seeking Him.

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