Think about those times in your life when you have felt inspired to something really great. Where does that inspiration come from?
The Holy Spirit. God inspires us to do great things with our lives.
----Matthew Kelly

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A Grieving Thankful Thursday

I don't even want to think about how long it's been since I've written a post for Thankful Thursday! Time for some gratitude! Head over to Overflowing with Thankfulness to get a huge dose of thankfulness from other bloggers!

πŸ’›I'm so thankful for my family & friends who showed me such compassion and love during my husband's last days. I knew I could call on any of them anytime and they would be there for me.

πŸ’›The Hospice Workers were absolutely amazing. The nurse we had for those few days was compassionate but stern with me when she needed to be for not getting enough sleep. She is truly an angel. She gave me the confidence to do what I needed to and assured me that I was doing everything right. 

πŸ’›I am grateful for the love that my husband had for me. Even though there were times in our marriage when we both thought we were done, looking back I realize what a gift he gave me. I am fortunate to have known that "once-in-a-lifetime" unconditional love that not everyone can experience.

πŸ’›God gave us time. We were able to take one last month-long trip out west four months before his passing. While we didn't do as much as we would have liked, we saw a lot and had some special time together. My husband bounced back from a hospital stay enough to tie up some loose financial ends and spend individual time with each of our boys.

πŸ’›I'm also thankful that through my faith this has not been a completely sad time. Yes, I'm very sad that he's not here with me, but how can I be sad all the time knowing that he is praying for me to get to heaven? (As I write this there is a cardinal looking in the window at me!) His funeral mass was filled with happy songs, just like he wanted. 

I have sad moments. I have moments when I miss him terribly, but I'm trying to live my life like he told me to. He made me promise him that I will travel and see the places that we didn't get to. I'd much rather do it with him, but looking back, I understand now why he left most of the travel plans to me. He was preparing me for when he is no longer here with me. He wanted me to live life to the fullest. It's going to be weird not having him physically beside me, but I have a feeling I'll be able to feel him right there!
Little Grand Canyon, July 2023
πŸ’›I chose yellow hearts for this post because yellow was his favorite color. πŸ’›

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  1. Oh, Mary, what a beautiful post! I am so sorry for your tremendous loss, my friend. I know you, too, are so thankful for the hope that we have in Heaven! I love what you said about being able to feel him physically beside you even though he won't be; I think you're right. You will always carry a piece of him in your heart. Thank you for your beautiful and very vulnerable words today.


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