Think about those times in your life when you have felt inspired to something really great. Where does that inspiration come from?
The Holy Spirit. God inspires us to do great things with our lives.
----Matthew Kelly

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During my usual Hour in Adoration as I read Sunday's Gospel (John 15:9-17), the words "I am chosen" hit me like a brick. Are you kidding? ME? I am chosen? I choose to follow Jesus but before that He. Chose. ME.
Most of us know the feeling of being rejected whether it was not being chosen as one of the first ones during a game in our younger years or being jilted by a boyfriend/girlfriend as we grew older. Even as adults we can feel the sting of rejection: not being chosen for a job or for a certain honor in our current job. You know what? None of that matters because He chose us.
He may not have chosen me to be a star in the Catholic world. I'm not on the radio and I don't have a YouTube show or Podcast. Some are called to quietly live their lives and go quite unnoticed. That doesn't make them any less chosen than Jennifer Fulwiler, Audrey Assad, or Father Leo. This little blog goes unnoticed, but I am able to quietly write down my thoughts because I have been chosen.
That was Thursday night. Sunday morning during Mass, my mind went in a different direction.
In the First Reading (Acts10:5-26, 34-35, 44-48) Peter tells Cornelius who fell at his feet to get up because he is a man just as he. What humility he shows in that statement! He goes on to say that it doesn't matter where you are---even in a nation that is not Christian if you "fear him and act uprightly" you will be acceptable. He appears to have just finished those words when the "circumcised believers were astounded" because the Gentiles received the Holy Spirit. To tie it into what I was saying before, the Gentiles were chosen. Were they not listening? After showing such humility Peter witnessed a sense of entitlement that Gentiles couldn't possibly be chosen. (My interpretation.)  Peter makes the statement that "God shows no partiality", (Acts 10:34) as long as you "fear Him and act righteously". (Acts 10:35)
Wow. You would think that since Jesus was a Jew that there might be some favoritism, but no. All God asks is that you fear him and act accordingly. That doesn't seem like it would be too difficult of a task, but there are days when I have to dig deep and ask for help. The words "I am chosen" have been lingering in my head since I read them last Thursday night. Yes, I am chosen, but am I worthy? Apparently, He thinks I am.

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  1. And isn't that a blessing for all believers!! Great post, Mary!


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