Think about those times in your life when you have felt inspired to something really great. Where does that inspiration come from?
The Holy Spirit. God inspires us to do great things with our lives.
----Matthew Kelly

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{SQT}: Hope

seven quick takes friday 2
1. What a week this has been! I've had some trials, but I'm not gonna let the devil win! If I've said, "Jesus I trust in You" once, I've said it a million times this past week. 

2. Do you ever hear the Readings and think, "Whoa. I think that was written just for me, for this moment"? Yeah, I had that yesterday morning. I was able to go to Daily Mass, and the Readings were just what I needed to hear. I kept thinking about the phrase, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." In the words of one of my principals, "Sometimes you can't even lead the horse to water."  All we can do is pray for those who need to be led...and who need to drink.

3. Yesterday's Readings confirmed what I suspected: the trials that my husband & I are going through with one of our sons right now is just that: a trial. Here it is Lent, and I guess it's not supposed to be easy. It seems that every time I really give a concerted effort to truly increase my faith during Lent, something happens with one of the boys to try my growth. The last time, I gave in to my weakness. I'm not going to do it this time. The Readings (and all of the reflections I read & meditated upon) gave me the strength to continue. Perfect timing. That's not to say that I've put aside all of my anxieties that are being brought on, but I feel like I can handle it. I can push it aside and not let it all-consume me.

4. About hope: We have to trust in the Lord. Yesterday's 1st Reading  (Jeremiah 17:5-10) told us to trust in the Lord and not in human beings. There are times when I feel like my heart has been ripped out and stomped upon by one of my boys, but this passage gave me hope. Hearing that the heart is the "most tortuous" and that even Jeremiah didn't understand it gave me hope that I will be able to get over this trial. I have to keep my eyes on the Lord and on his word.

5. Last week, I mentioned that I needed to ask forgiveness from a former co-worker. I handwrote a letter and mailed it to her. Yesterday, I received the sweetest email from her, assuring me that she forgave me and it was all water under the bridge. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't sure which way it would go, or if I would even hear anything from her. I was very much relieved to receive her email and know that she forgave me.

6. Over the past month or so, I've run into a quote several times. I ran into it once again, this time in an Etsy shop:
She has beautiful things in her shop. I saw this mug on a post by Catholic Again and it reminded me of my mom, who used to say this all the time:
14 oz Offer It Up Ceramic Mug

7. This is my "song of the week":


  1. That was very brave of you to apologize to your co worker. A lot of people would have just let it go. Bravo. Stopping by from 7qt

  2. Accountability is so hard, but so worth it!! Surrender=Power!

  3. Love the line: "I don't need my name in lights, I'm famous in my Father's eyes." Sweet perfection


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