Think about those times in your life when you have felt inspired to something really great. Where does that inspiration come from?
The Holy Spirit. God inspires us to do great things with our lives.
----Matthew Kelly

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Steamy Thankful Thursday

Time for some gratitude! Head over to Knit By God's Hand to get a huge dose of thankfulness from other bloggers!

It's been a hot and humid week, y'all! As in, when I walk out the door to walk around 6 a.m., the humidity slaps me in the face. We're talking "real feel temps" in the triple digits because of the humidity. It's days like this when I'm thankful I'm in East TN and not in SC anymore. 

This should go without saying, but thank God for air conditioning. I'm not pleasant to be around when I'm uncomfortable, just sayin'. So, thank you, Mr. Carrier for your invention!

On that same topic, I'm thankful for alternate cooking/baking options. I'm trying to cook supper using the air fryer, slow cooker, and electric skillet instead of turning on the oven. So far, so good! 

I'm so thankful for being able to catch up with childhood friends! I met a friend for noon Mass and then lunch. When I looked at my watch, it was almost 4:00. We've seen each other briefly at church but haven't had time to talk. I think we could have sat at the table for at least another hour or two. 

I'm in a huge spiritual slump right now. There is a Catholic site "Formed" that has a lot of videos ranging from Bible studies to movies to books. I decided to do a self-retreat using one of the book studies to get out of this long dry spell. And it's working, so thank you, Formed!

And thank you, Taylor Tripodi, for the gift of your talent and beautiful voice. This song expresses what I've been going through for months!


  1. We've been trying to find things that dont require turning on the oven too - dont need any more heat in the air!
    I love a good worship song - listening right now!

  2. I honor your perseverance in deciding to address your spiritual life, to make it a priority, and to take action!

  3. I found myself nodding to a lot of your comments... and description. I thought about being a speech path. but went into social work with kids... draining...happily retired now. When we moved to Aurora CO at over 6000 ft we thought it would be colder... but the sun is blistering, and with climate change the last two years have shown the first over 100 days, and weeks of them. Doesn't cool at night like in other desert climates too... the country is hot... and we are getting smoke from wildfires in neighboring states. I am highly interested in your cooking as it's too hot to run our oven. Do you find the air fryer to save a lot of heat? Even the stove top takes a while to cool down, so that I make sure to turn the burner off before it's time to remove the pan. SO nice to meet you... I had a friend once in FL, who was Catholic and grew up in ALA. and said it was not easy. God and Love come in many shapes colors and sizes so we can all find a way to

    1. So far this summer I've only used the air fryer for roasted vegetables but it worked like a champ! Nice to meet you as well! :)

  4. I always enjoy your posts. I hope you can continue to stay cool. Amen to gratitude for air conditioning. It is a must in most places now. I don't have an air fryer, but I am thinking of getting one. So glad you could get together with your friend and catch-up. Have a good weekend. :-)

  5. I think we are all sweltering!! In El Paso, we rarely have humidity but we have triple digit heat all summer long. I am cooking earlier in the day if I need to use the oven. That way the house don't get even hotter during the warmest part of the day.
    Thank you for mentioning Taylor Tripodi. My husband is a Ohio boy. I am not familiar with her music but will add her to my Spotify. The lyrics to Awakening are very moving.


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