Think about those times in your life when you have felt inspired to something really great. Where does that inspiration come from?
The Holy Spirit. God inspires us to do great things with our lives.
----Matthew Kelly

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1 Repeat, 1 Continuing, 1 New

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Last year, I discovered a way to read books that are on my shelf that were just a little too intimidating/daunting to start reading. Then I heard about a couple of podcasts that read for me (like an audiobook on a podcast format). What a great way to read! I finished 1 of the podcasts Dec. 31, 2021 which meant I could put that book over to my "Read" shelf on GoodReads. 


I listened to The Bible in a Year Podcast as I drove to work. I work in a school, so on weekends and breaks I pulled out my Great Adventure Bible and actually read along. I'm definitely a visual learner; I don't retain a whole lot when I just listen, but I did get a lot out of the year. I found that I understood the Daily Mass Readings better. So this year I'm repeating the podcast but I'm reading along. I also bought The Bible in a Year Notebook so I can take notes while listening to Fr. Mike's reflections (which are amazing). Last year as I was listening, there were many times when I thought "I need to remember that" but I was driving so it was forgotten as soon as I got to school and started my day. Mid-way through last year I bought Walking with God: A Journey Through the Bible (Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins) and read the chapters for the upcoming periods. A lot of the information in the book is included in Fr. Mike's reflections, but it helped me to hear it twice. Last year I was intent on keeping caught up so I could finish on Dec. 31. I've decided that this year I'm not going to stress about it. If I miss a day I'll just pick back up the next day and not worry about catching up. If it takes me more than a year, so be it. The main thing is that I read it with Fr. Mike and not just listen. 


Fr. Joe Roesch, MIC, is a Marian Father. If you have heard of Fr. Donald Calloway (a.k.a. "the surfer priest") or consecrated yourself to Joseph or Mary through The Marian Priests, then you know about this order of priests. The Diary of St. Faustina is a book that my mom gifted to me but I knew it wouldn't be an easy read so I just ignored it. When I heard about this podcast I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon. I pull out the book and read along when I can. Each episode is less than 10 minutes and includes a short reflection. 


I'll be the first to say that I hadn't heard of this book. I've heard of Venerable Maria of Agreda but didn't know much about her. She was a mystic who reportedly received visions of the life of Mary. She bilocated to what is now New Mexico/Texas while physically in Spain. This is a 4-volume book read by Fr. Edward Looney from the Green Bay, WI Diocese. Each episode (as of Day 6) has been less than 20 minutes. Fr. Looney reads an excerpt from the book and gives a very brief reflection. His introductory episode grabbed my attention. If nothing else, listen to that episode and decide for yourself. This podcast may be found on Anchor, Apple, and Spotify. My preferred platform is Google so I'm hoping it will eventually be offered there as well. 

What about you? Are you listening to any of these as well? Do you know of any yearly podcasts that would be of interest?

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