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Podcasts: My Top 10 List for the Catholic Woman

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Lately, I've been listening to a lot of podcasts. Instead of having the radio on in the car, I turn on a podcast. A friend told me about a Christian podcast, so after that, I started looking for some Catholic ones. I was a bit surprised at how many good ones there are out there! Here are a few that I found that I really enjoy listening to; they're not just for Catholic women.

1. Abiding Together
     This one is my top podcast! 3 women: 2 laypersons and 1 Sister who are friends
     share their faith and open up their hearts to their listeners.

2. Bible Study Evangelista
     How I love Sonja Corbitt! A Southern Baptist turned Catholic, she knows the Bible
    and can bring it down to my level. Every time I listen to an episode I learn
    something new and find myself saying "Wow!"

3. Catholic Momcast
     If you're familiar with, you'll want to listen in. I like that the
     hosts of this show have older children, so they are more relatable to me than
     "younger" shows.

4. Ask Father Josh
    Father Josh is a young priest from Louisiana who humbly starts each podcast by
    saying that if his advice isn't helpful, you can reject it.  I will often listen as I'm in
    the park & I wonder if the people I pass wonder why I'm laughing. (It's usually
    when he breaks out in song and then doesn't know the words.)

5. Jesus Calling
     This isn't a Catholic podcast, but it doesn't matter. Uplifting stories about how
     God is working in the lives of some people you may have heard of.

6. Shoot the Shitake
     I had the pleasure of meeting Father Leo Patalinghug a few years ago. He's also
     known as the "cooking priest" who won a throwdown against Bobby Flay. His
    guests are sometimes controversial but he doesn't shy away from asking tough

7. Jeff Cavins
     I just started listening to this podcast, but I've already found that a lot of what     
    Jeff says hits home. I find myself wanting to take notes on most of his episodes.

8. Fr. Mike Schmitz
     Who doesn't love Father Mike? This is a relatively short podcast that is his youtube
     clip in podcast form.

9. Pints with Aquinas
     Matt Frad's Australian accent is easy on the ears, but he gives some great insight
    into the Catholic Faith.

10. The Tightrope
     Just have around 5 minutes? This is quick but very thought-provoking. The
    description says this podcast "takes 3 to 5 minutes to see and embrace the
    opportunities embedded in our busy, messy lives that are meant to help us move
    towards heaven." that would just about sum it up!

If you'll notice, a lot of the podcasts are hosted by Ascension Presents, so check out the other podcasts they offer. These would be great to listen to while you're traveling, or just doing your daily chores. What are your favorite podcasts?
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