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{SQT} We've Got a Cathedral!

I've been on Spring Break this week and my husband took the week off as well. Our initial plans to camp were put aside because I had weather concerns. We had flurries a couple of times this week, and I didn't want to camp and be cold. (Yep, I'm spoiled that way!) We took one day and went to the nearby city. I live in a young Diocese that is only 27 years old, so we didn't have a Cathedral, per se. The Cathedra was housed in an existing older church, so "we" built a Cathedral. It was dedicated just last week. As we were out & about one day, my husband asked where it was and wanted to see it. I watched part of the dedication on the internet, but seeing it in person was just breathtaking.


Statue of St. John Paul II on the side wall


View of the altar


The altar is made of marble from the same quarry as the marble Michealango used to carve the Pieta.
The tabernacle is repurposed from a church in the Netherlands. It is over 100 years old and weighs over 500 pounds.
The Baldacchino is actually made from wood finished in faux marble paint. 


In the dome, there are pictures of saints who are either American or are of nationalities found within our Diocese. These pictures were painted on canvas and then applied by hand to the dome. The main feature of the dome is the Sacred Heart of Jesus with Mary & Joseph on either side of Jesus. The 12 apostles are around the dome. In the 4 corners just under the dome are the 4 evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John.


This picture came out a little blurry, but it is the back of the cathedral. We weren't allowed to go to the choir loft to see the organ, but the pipes were spectacular.


These statues are in the front of the Cathedral, just as you walk in:
Saint Faustina

Saint/Mother Teresa
I"m assuming this is St. Joseph? (Someone correct me if I'm wrong!) A commenter said this is St. Peter. I should've googled to see who it was! THANK YOU!!!


The dedication stone

A close-up of the plaque. 
It is an absolutely beautiful church, and, in my opinion, one that rivals some of the churches I've seen in Europe.

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  1. I believe the 3rd statue is St. Peter (the keys in his hand are the clue.) St. Joseph usually holds lilies and the Christ Child.

  2. These old Cathedrals are so beautiful.


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