Think about those times in your life when you have felt inspired to something really great. Where does that inspiration come from?
The Holy Spirit. God inspires us to do great things with our lives.
----Matthew Kelly

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{SQT} Seven Random Things

I'm joining in with Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum for another round of Seven Quick Takes. Today  I have some random quick things:


What I'm reading: I'm actually reading a couple of things right now. As I mentioned in this post, a Sister recommended Interior Freedom (Jacques Philippe). I'm taking it slow so I can really digest what he is saying.
I'm also reading Created to Relate (Kelly M. Wahlquist). This is the winter book club with WINE (Women in the New Evangelization). I'm not doing so great with participating in the online discussion, but the book is very interesting. The premise is how we, as women, are created for relationships. Anyone who thinks there is no difference between how men & women are made needs to read this book! 


What I'm listening to: Audrey Assad's I Shall Not Want. Every. Single. Day. I need to hear the Litany of Humility every morning.


What I'm watching: After all of the violence and questionable Netflix I watched over the snow week, I've switched gears. A.D. Kingdom and Empire is incredible. Roma Downey & Mark Burnett have brought the apostles to life. I can't get enough. I wish they had slowed things down a little, though. It seems a bit rushed & I want to relish what I'm watching!
I'm also watching Victoria on Amazon Prime. Season 2 is on PBS but I always forget to watch it so I may have to catch up with a free trial!


What I am praying:  The Novena to St. Monica for one of my grown sons. The worry never goes away, y'all. I have given it to God, but there are times when the concern, the anxiousness, the worry takes over.


What I am baking: My SIL shared a recipe she found on FB last week. I tried them; they are heavenly! When I first saw the name (Kentucky Brownie BOMB Bars) I thought they might have bourbon in them, but no. No bourbon. But delicious just the same!


What I'm writing: Over on my "personal blog", I'm revisiting my October trip to Ireland. Our pilgrimage to Knock was published on Monday. Want to read it? Click here.


Best quote I heard this week:


  1. Those brownies look decadent! Your book reviews are interesting. We LOVE Victoria and have been following it on PBS since it started. So well done!

    1. The brownies are AMAZING. I'm going to bake another round this weekend!
      Victoria is very well done. The Brits have such better shows than we do!

  2. I love all of the Jacques Phillippe’s Books! Searching and Maintaining Peace is sooooo good!

    1. I will definitely check that one out! Thank you!!!

  3. I may have to make da bombs for Superbowl Sunday. Have you listened to any of Audrey Assad's story? Very interesting.

    1. Yes! Audrey performed at our diocesan CCW convention last year. Powerful performance & speaker!


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