Think about those times in your life when you have felt inspired to something really great. Where does that inspiration come from?
The Holy Spirit. God inspires us to do great things with our lives.
----Matthew Kelly

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{SQT} All Over the Place

I'm joining Kelly at  This Ain't the Lyceum for another Seven Quick Takes Friday.

1) I decided to take Sirius Radio up on an offer to resubscribe; this is why:
I just want to ride around in my car all day & listen to this channel. It's worth $30 for 6 months to be able to listen to Jennifer Fulwiler, Lino Rulli, and Father Dave Dwyer!

2) This has been a bit of a "yo-yo" week for me. Spiritually, I've been up...I've been down.  When I stopped & thought about what I did differently on the "down" day, it wasn't hard to figure it out: I didn't start the day with my prayers & daily readings. 

3) My husband & I took advantage of a cool evening the other day & enjoyed dinner on the porch...which is a rarity in the South in June.
4) It was even bearable yesterday during the afternoon, so I went out to enjoy the birds singing & read some of the book Our Lady of Kibeho (Immaculee  Ilibagiza). I looked up at the sky and saw clouds in the shape of angel wings: (You may have to click on the picture to see a bigger view)
5) Confession. Need I say anything else? I went on Saturday, and I think it was the most nervous I've ever been, but it was also the best one I've made in a long time. It's not my favorite thing to do (is it for anyone?), but it was definitely worth it.

6) Did you read yesterday's readings? Anger can lead to so many bad things. It makes you do crazy things. Are you one to fly off the handle but then calm down (like me), or do you hold grudges and let the anger fester inside you? If you're the latter, I urge you to get help. Talk to someone. It's not healthy for your body...or your soul.

7) One of the presidential candidates has had the gall to say that "religious beliefs have to be changed" (speech during "Women in the World Summit"). She needs our prayers, people; she needs our prayers.


  1. #7 - yes, she also needs to do time. #6 - I tend to blow up fast and get over it, but I also don't get angry very often. #5 - still working on that one. It's always inspiring to see God's work in nature, like angel-wing clouds. Your dinner looks delicious! My days always go better when I do my Bible and devotional readings at night and my morning prayers as I start each day. Love your posts here!!

  2. #2: It almost always comes back to that, doesn't it?


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