Think about those times in your life when you have felt inspired to something really great. Where does that inspiration come from?
The Holy Spirit. God inspires us to do great things with our lives.
----Matthew Kelly

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3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

I thought it was very interesting how the 2nd Reading (1 Cor 12:12-30) coincides with the feast of St. Francis de Sales. I definitely saw the connection between this patron saint of the deaf and teachers, (among others) and this Reading. When one part of the body is weakened (or taken away completely), another part of the body carries the burden. For the deaf, hearing is taken away, yet the hands take up the role of communication. Isn't it amazing that God made us that way?
During the Homily, Father spoke of imagining what it was like for Jesus to preach in his people who saw him grow up. Personally, I know if I tried to do that, I don't think very many people would take me seriously. Not that I was a handful, but I did have my issues. Father put to us this question: How could they not see who He was? 
We have to wonder what Jesus was like as a boy. Was there any mischief in Him at all? He was human, after all, but then again, He was also Divine. Free of sin. (Is mischief a sin? I guess it would depend on what kind of mischief He got into.) I can imagine that if either of my older brothers (especially the youngest of the two) went into town, unrolled a scroll, and declared that the passage is fulfilled, he'd be taken to the nearest hospital.
It's easy for us to look at the Gospel and question how they couldn't see Him for who He is, but it must have been very difficult for those that actually lived the Gospel. Surely they must have known there was something special about the family...about Jesus. But would they believe that He was the Son of God? Would they believe that He was put on earth to save humankind? They were expecting a prince...not a carpenter's son from their town.
Try putting yourself in their places. Think of the nicest family in your town that you know. Now think of their son (if they have one). Could you ever believe he could be Jesus?

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  1. One of our Deacons gave the homily last night, at our church. He did a great job with showing how the human body is made of many parts, just as the church is made of many parts. I like your last question. It would be interesting to think about 'little Johnny' who played with your kids suddenly being the Savior of mankind. A little like the Christmas song, "Mary, Did You Know".... Neighbors, did you know that ornery little boy would one day calm the waters....

    Wishing you a good week ahead, Mary!


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